Terms of Service

1. General Terms of Use

If you use the software application and delivery of products and services of Fotocadomaken.nl, or otherwise a legal relationship between you and Fotocadeaumaken.nl arises, these terms and conditions will apply. We encourage you to read these terms and conditions carefully so that you are aware of your rights and obligations. Below we use Fotocadeaumaken.nl as a term for the website owned by Senwa KVK 29050651 VAT NL807630354B01. Fotocadeaumaken.nl reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notifying users. The most current terms and conditions can be found on the website www.Fotocadeaumaken.nl. If you use the software of Fotocadeaumaken.nl after one or more adjustments have been made to these terms and conditions, it implies that you have accepted these adjustments irrevocably. On special offers, additional terms may apply.

2. Products and services

Fotocadeaumaken.nl offers the opportunity to make, print and publicize personal photo products. As a user and creator of the photo products, you are fully responsible for the resulting product and the used files, or. Images, as further explained in Article 5 of these Terms.

3. Use and registration

To be able to use Fotocadomaken.nl, you must be a majority. After your first order, a personal account will be created for you. Fotocadeaumaken.nl reserves the right to block an account for its reasons. You are indicating to Fotocadeaumaken.nl that the information you provide to Fotocadeaumaken.nl is correct, including personal information such as name and e-mail address. You are responsible for keeping your account password secret. You agree that we store and use your information in accordance with the privacy statement of Fotocadomaken.nl.

4. Use and license

Under the terms and conditions set forth in these terms and conditions, Fotocadeaumaken.nl grants you a limited, personal, revocable, non-exclusive, non-licensable, non-transferable right to use this web application.

5. Ownership

You represent that you are fully entitled to the data, content and / or files that are stored and / or made available to you. Data and files remain your property. You retain your existing copyrights and other intellectual property rights with respect to the content that is stored and / or made available to you. You are and will remain responsible for the contents of the data and files you have stored and made available. Fotocadeaumaken.nl accepts no liability in this regard. Fotocadeaumaken.nl may not use the data and files contained in its custody for other purposes without the permission of the user. You acknowledge and agree that Fotocadeaumaken.nl contains files owned by Fotocadeaumaken.nl and / or its users and protected by applicable intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyrights, related rights, trademarks and patents. You refrain from reproducing, duplicating, copying, selling or operating the services of Fotocadomaken.nl or any of its services for commercial purposes. You will not conduct any actions that may infringe on intellectual property rights of Fotocadomaken.nl or third parties. You acknowledge and agree that any unauthorized use of files, data and materials subject to intellectual property rights violates these terms and conditions and applicable laws, including but not limited to the Copyright Act 1912. It is not permitted to make notices or listings relating to To remove intellectual property rights, to unread, hide or modify.

6. Rules on digital files and behavior

Users are prohibited from making available the following data and files:

- of material that adversely affects illegal activities;

-of material that violates the rights of third parties;

Is in violation of law or regulation;

Contravenes the good or good taste, is violent, obscene, offensive, hateful or otherwise inappropriate;

-the material used without the explicit consent of the rightholder;

- Of material that contains viruses, worms or other forms of harmful codes, as well as any other material that endangers Fotocadeaumaken.nl's services;

-of material that is in any way harmful to minors

With some link to the above-mentioned materials.

Fotocadeaumaken.nl is entitled but is not required to check the content of the data you submitted for legitimacy. If the entire content or part of it is in violation of the laws and regulations or the terms set out in these terms and conditions, for the sole purpose of reviewing Fotocadeaumaken.nl, Fotocadeaumaken.nl reserves the right to service delivery immediately. Strike, make the personal account inaccessible to the user and remove photo products in the shop. Fotocadeaumaken.nl is entitled to take action without notice.

7. Delivered products, services and payment

The use of the website Fotocadeaumaken.nl is free. On the website and in your account you can give purchase orders for the removal of products delivered by Fotocadeaumaken.nl.

8. Pricing

Your order will be charged at the price applicable when your order is placed. The prices can be found on the website. All prices are quoted in Euro and include VAT unless otherwise stated with the addition of ex. VAT which stands for VAT excluded. Shipping costs will be charged to you. Fotocadeaumaken.nl reserves the right to change the prices as stated on the website without further notice.

9. Delivery time

All orders are delivered within the delivery time specified in the product specification. Delivery times are indicative and do not apply as a fatal term. Delay in delivery time (s) can not give rise to cancellation of the order or to claim damages.

10. Right of return

Because the products are produced in accordance with the texts and images you enter, you will not be entitled to return the products. Where products show defects, the provisions of Article 13 shall apply.

11. Payment

All of our payments are made via iDEAL, bank transfer or PayPal. An order will be taken into production once the payment of your choice has been processed and accepted.


A voucher is a discount on a product and / or service to be delivered. A voucher is personal and not transferable. A voucher has a limited period of validity. The use of a voucher applies as a full or partial payment of a product and / or service to be removed. When using a voucher, the back of the cards may be printed with an expression of the voucher issuer. Any additional payment above the value is possible through the payment options offered by Fotocadeaumaken.nl. In the event of a residual value, it will expire in order processing using the voucher. Vouchers and residual values ​​are never redeemable in cash.

12. Retention of title

The goods delivered by Fotocadeaumaken.nl remain the property of Fotocadeaumaken.nl until you have fulfilled all of the following obligations from all concluded (buy-) agreements with Fotocadeaumaken.nl:

-Eual claims for non-compliance by you of this agreement (s).

-the consideration (s) with respect to delivered or delivered item / business itself;

-the consideration (s) in respect of services rendered or to be performed under the purchase agreement (s) by Fotocadeaumaken.nl;

13. Deficiencies

Visible defects on the delivered products must be reported to you in Fotocadeaumaken.nl within 7 days of discovery. Product defects will be repaired by repair or replacement of defective products. It is possible that color differences may occur, inter alia due to insufficient quality of the original image, the use of different materials being printed, or otherwise. Color differences are never considered to be a defect. Each card may have slight irregularities or slight damage due to cutting or punching and printing the cards from the printing sheet and this is not considered a defect. Fotocadeaumaken.nl expressly states that the quality of the prints in the ordered products will never be better than expected from the client's view of the use of this website on his computer screen.

14. Liability

Fotocadeaumaken.nl will attempt to prevent damage, loss, theft of or temporarily limited and / or delayed access to the data and files and services provided by it. Should unforeseen damage, loss, theft or temporary limited and / or delayed access to data and files and services occur, Fotocadeaumaken.nl is not liable for this. Liability for indirect damage, including loss of income, consequential loss, loss of profits, missed savings, loss of business stagnation, loss of data, data loss or damage, or data damage and data is excluded. It is possible that our website contains links to other websites. Fotocadeaumaken.nl is not responsible for the content and working practices of these websites and therefore does not accept any liability for these websites. The use of these websites is therefore your own responsibility. The liability of Fotocadeaumaken.nl remains limited to grossly defective production errors. Fotocadeaumaken.nl is expressly not liable for any consequential damage caused by or in the use of the delivered products.

15. Indemnity

You indemnify Fotocadeaumaken.nl, its directors and employees and users against all third party claims as a result of the use / abuse of the Fotocadeaumaken.nl website, the physical products and your account.

16. Infringement of rights

If you believe that your data or files on Fotocadomaken.nl were used or copied in a manner that violates intellectual property rights, please inform us by contact form.

This notification must be:

-A statement that you believe that intellectual property rights are infringed;

- To include a description of the work or work that you believe has been infringed with a specification of what is infringing;

- signed by the proprietor of intellectual property rights or the person demonstrably authorized to act on behalf of the owner;

-A description of where the material that you believe infringes can be found on Fotocadeaumaken.nl;

-A statement, supported by evidence, that the information contained in your notification is correct and complete and, in error, you own the intellectual property rights concerned.

Contact information where Fotocadomaken.nl can contact you, such as your name, address, phone number and e-mail address;

Fotocadeaumaken.nl will investigate intellectual property infringement notices and, if possible, take action against them without being obliged in any way to take legal action in this regard.

17. Discontinue use

In addition to the other (right) resources available to Fotocadeaumaken.nl, we are entitled to limit your activities related to Fotocadeaumaken.nl, to stop and delete your account, delete files, data and materials, users To notify you of your activities, to issue a warning, and to refuse to provide services, in particular but not limited to: you act in violation of these terms of use; We may not be able to verify or identify any information you provide to us; We believe that your actions may cause damage or liability to yourself, to other users or to Fotocadomaken.nl. Fotocadeaumaken.nl will not be responsible in any way whatsoever.

18. Announce

You can terminate your account by sending an email with our registered email address with the request to delete your account. We will then delete your account and any saved photo products.

19. Other provisions

If one or more provisions of these Terms of Use are void or destroyed, the remaining provisions shall remain in force. Under these terms of use, Dutch law applies. Any dispute arising from this agreement will be submitted to the competent court in Rotterdam, with the exception of each other. The United Nations Convention on International Sale of Goods (The Vienna Sale Convention) does not apply.